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Programming note: Da Show is on indefinite hiatus while we find someone willing to supply us with a studio. In the mean time, listen to Andy Sloan's original song, John Madden, an exclusive of Da Sports Show! Fresh for '01... suckas!

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Da Sports Show
Formerly known as Da Football Show.

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Da Guys back in the day Imagine, two self-proclaimed sports experts talking sports live on the Internet (seen here, back when it was Da Football Show). Better yet, don't imagine it- be there! This is the first regularly scheduled sports talk show on the Internet, making pixels move since 10/6/95! We've made so much history, we have an archive!

Only John Shaft could be cooler than these unmarried Irishmen. Listen to him.
Re-Proliferate Shaft Da Sports Show has re-proliferated Shaft since its inception on Friday, October 6, 1995.

You got to grit James Brown, the United States Ambassador of Soul, has been known to say "When you got a groove like this, you got to grit." Even though we've been off the air for a while (waiting for that ISDN line in our new studio), Barry Hochhauser and the gang at Grit knew how to kick off 1997 right. Warm up your RealAudio and slide on over to Grit's Sports Page Archive to hear our half-hour interview of 1/8/97! To quote "Fighting Violet" alumnus Barry, "arguably the best show we've ever done at Grit." A funky good time was had by all.

Da Smell posing Look at Da Smell, pictured here... can't you just hear Joe Cocker sing, "You are so beautiful... to me"? We at Da Sports Show sure can. So, when the folks at Berkeley Systems decided to have a beauty contest, we naturally entered! We thank Miss Hane, and we want her to bear our children. She's the next best thing to RuPaul.

Dmitry Fateev in Moscow From Russia, with Love, Love, Love! We hold out the hand of peace though sports and the Internet, and people keep grabbing on. We want to thank Dmitry Fateev for staying up late and tuning in to Da Show for many weeks from his flat in Moscow. "Dima" even managed to get a QuickCam into his hands just to be seen on Da Show. And yes, we sent Dima a mousepad!

We thank the many folks outside the U.S.A. who have tuned in--we've had lurkers from Belgium, The Netherlands, Canada, Ireland, Australia, Italy, Japan, and now Russia! Can't you just feel the love? I know Ton Thole can! And let's not forget our Antwerp friends--we get a Kick out of you!

As Da Show grows, so does our staff and scope. Look for these exciting developments in the upcoming weeks and months:
Da Show is scheduled for each Thursday at 6 pm ET, and will keep going until people stop playing professional sports. We'll keep talking about sports and anything else that comes to mind, and we'll keep sending mousepads to viewers until we run out. Any ideas on what we should cover (trust us, we need them) should be sent to your hosts:

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