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Da Football/Sports Show Archive

Back in the day, we didn't "proudly present" Da Football Show, Da Sports Show, or any kind of show. An early October Friday afternoon (10/6/95, to be exact) found two guys sitting on a couch, just talking about the next Sunday's football games. A QuickCam and a Macintosh were locked and loaded; someone downloaded CU-SeeMe (client and reflector), and the dream became real. Da Football Show--the first regularly scheduled CU-SeeMe sports 'n more Internet event! Bill Gates knows about it, and he's scared. Jerry Seinfeld is scared, too.

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Let's look at some memorable moments from Da Football/Sports Show archives:

ISP-TVNot long after our 10/6/95 debut, an organization with vision and wisdom recognized the need for the quality content that we at Da Show provide. ISP-TV quickly syndicated us, making Da Football Show the first, and now longest-running, regularly scheduled syndicated sports talk teleconference on the infobahn. The staff of neither ISP-TV nor Da Show had to grovel very much to make the deal a reality.

3ProngPlugParkDa Football Show introduced the proprietary Internet technology ARML™ (Actual Reality Modeling Language) on 1/26/96 to predict the outcome of Super Bowl '96. ARML predicted a 26-20 Dallas overtime victory; ARML was only one interception away from being exactly right! Our technology put the likes of Beano Cook and Will McDonough to shame. Accurate team figurines were generously provided by Miggle Toys, makers of Super Bowl Electric Football®.

3ProngPlugPark end zoneThe CBS radio network, desperate for sports content, used none other than Jeff Hostetler in their RealAudio coverage of Super Bowl '96. Of course, Da Show was responsible. For months, we'd been giving "Hoss" a consistent hard time. In fact, we made Jeff an international Internet star (not unlike what Dave Letterman did for Joey Buttafuoco on Late Night). Jeff has our good-natured malevolence to thank for actually having something to do on Super Bowl Sunday other than drive up the NJ Turnpike, go to his favorite sports bar, suck down free beers supplied by an easily impressed bartender, and brag about how he was in The Giants' other Super Bowl appearence, the one that the Buffalo Bills helped them win.

Da GuysWe've been telling people to imagine the possibilities of Da Show for a year now, a virtual millenium in Internet time. Trust us, we love doing Da Show, and we love our audience for being there and growing! Please keep tuning in and sending email. It's something you can tell your kids about in 20 years!

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