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Da Sports Show salutes Da Fans

In our first season, Da Sports Show garnered fans from near and far, constantly amazing friends and foes alike. This page is a long overdue tribute to some of our many viewers and backers, the very people who demanded Da Show and brought us back to life on ISP-TV!

Enter Da Fans!

Ton Thole's face, from his web site Ladies and gentlemen, this is Ton Thole (seen here in a picture you'll find on his web site). We saw Ton trying to tune in to Da Show soon after we first aired. As we chatted we learned, much to our amazement, that Ton is from Holland! It was then that we realized the global import of our humble webcast. Ton was one of the first people we sent a mousepad to; as he politely points out, "I love the mousepad, but I don't use it indoors because it smells like cheap rubber."

Unfortunately, we don't see Ton on the air too much any more because his Internet provider now prevents Cu-SeeMe access during evening hours. But we still get the occasional email, and how could we possibly forget his beautiful daughters?

Carol Slezak, best teacher in Minnesota Carol Slezak teaches a 6th grade class in Winona, Minnesota. She is the only human who understands computer technology in her school (see the web page) and, even though her class will kick butt in the next century, she still had to get a summer job at the local car wash to make ends meet. Carol has appeared on the show more than anyone else ever has, and her class was nice enough to send us all kinds of neat stuff, like a Winona Football T-Shirt, hand-painted cards, and other lucky charms. Now when we hear the name "La Toya," we don't think Jackson.

Batwoman, as seen on Da Show We knew we were on to something when the Cu-SeeMe cognoscenti started to tune in to Da Show. Witness the lovely and talented Batwoman (known on her IRS return as Amanda Wolf). You should really go to the Batcave right now and find out just how much fun people in Cincinnati are capable of. (Pictured here from a screen capture during Da Show.)

Alex Vu, as seen on Da Show Alex Vu is the coolest kid in Dublin, Ohio. While his shop teacher steps out of the classroom to smoke a few Kents and figure out a way to sell textbooks on ash tray modeling, Alex does nothing short of wire his entire school district to the Internet. Alex is also the winner of our Modem Heave contest! Da Masta has but one regret: telling Alex about CU-Doodle. (Pictured here from a screen capture during Da Show.)

'Photo' Phil Stauder, as seen, in color,
on Da Show When "Photo" Phil Stauder tuned in to Da Show with his jaundiced-eye view of the world and his heartfelt display of pictures he's taken of the sports great and near-great, we were impressed. We were more impressed to learn that Phil got his hands on a broadcast-quality color camera, and became the first person to tune in to Da Show IN COLOR (as seen here, an actual screen grab of Phil on Da Show)! If you have a photography job for Phil, send him some email. If you're just getting more information for the Photo Phil Fan Club chapter you're starting in your neighborhood, go here, scroll down a little, and get a quick biography!

Wilcox Public School, as seen on Da Show Nebraska is more than wheatfields and big time college football. It's also the home of the Wilcox Public School System. We caught Jane Blum (pictured here as seen on Da Show) goofing off, I mean, researching the use of CU-SeeMe in the academic environment. Who is that dude on the left though? We ashamedly admit to forgetting the name... but I remember that he has family in Massachusetts... he's cool, and one of the WPS staff.

Over the year, we've had so many people pop in to Da Show. We got permission to use their images, even if we didn't learn a lot about them (or, more correctly, forgot what we learned). So, without further adieu, here's a gallery of folks who have helped make Da Show great in its brief history (all taken from actual appearances on Da Show):

Aaron from the Rochester Institute of Technology Aaron builds things at RIT that blow stuff up real good. Ben from Paris Ben is from Paris, and he's thrilled about it. Rose from Canada, eh Take off, eh! It's our favorite hoser from the Great White North, Rose.
Ho from Japan That's Ho. Not the poster, silly, the guy in front of his computer! Jason from CSC This is Jason. He works for the government, making things that blow stuff up. Stacy from CSC This is Stacy. She works with Jason. She makes things that blow stuff up, too. What a demographic.
Rusty from CSC, breakdancing at work (fig. 1) This is Rusty. He works with Stacy and Jason. Rusty from CSC, breakdancing at work (fig. 2) When Rusty heard our theme music, the boy started to breakdance. Rusty from CSC, breakdancing at work (fig. 3) If you ask us, this beats $573 for a toilet seat any day. Pump up the jam.
Katsu from Japan Katsu is another of our friends from Japan. Da Show is big in Japan. Big. Ed Harris portrays Gene Krantz, our hero We don't know how Ed Harris could possibly have lost the Academy Award in 1996. Ed did tell us that showing his picture on Da Show was "his finest hour." Dmitry Fateev, comrade from Moscow What more can we say about Dmitry? He tore town the iron cyber-wall and became our first Russian viewer. Dmitry got his mousepad, da!

Thanks one and all for tuning in to Da Show. You make it happen. We just talk real loud.

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